Healthy eating can be fast, fun and affordable. Here are more than 200 ideas for making fruits and vegetables a regular part of your family’s diet.

Veggie & Fruit Snacks

Carrots and peanut butter! Celery and creamcheese! Or a simple piece of fresh fruit. You can feed your family healthy snacks in the time it takes to open a bag of chips!
Snack Recipes

Breakfast & Lunch
Kids will eat almost anything in on a pancake or in a wrap. Adults will too! And you can prepare all the ingredients ahead of time and serve up meals faster than a microwave.
Breakfast & Lunch Recipes

Salads & Sides
Any meal can be made healthier with a veggie salad or side dish. You can keep ingredients in the fridge, cooked, sliced and ready to go!
Salad & Sides Recipes

Main Courses

Pepper Pizza

Pepper PizzaYou can start by simply adding veggies to your family’s favorites, like pizza, pasta and quesadillas, or by substituting veggies for meat in your soups or chilis. From there, you can try lots of new things.

Main Course Recipes

Fruit makes fantastic dessert-baked, fried, or just peeled and served. You can start by simply adding fruit.
Dessert Recipes

And don’t forget the drinks!
All you need is water, ice and your favorite fruits.

Beverage Recipes

Step by step instructions for preparing some of our favorite recipes.
Video Recipes

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