JSY workshops provide quick and easy recipe demonstrations, taste samples, practical nutrition information for families to use and a free incentive for each participant. JSY nutritionists utilize USDA-approved lesson plans to offer a learner-centered, interactive approach to teaching.

Lesson Plans

JSY lesson plans address three core SNAP-Ed nutrition topics including:

  • Dietary Quality: Improve dietary quality by increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Food Safety: Safely handle, prepare and store fruits and vegetables
  • Food Resource Management: Enhance efforts to manage resources and shop for fruits and vegetables in a cost-efficient manner

Lesson Plan 1: Fruits and Vegetables
Lesson Plan 2: My Plate
Lesson Plan 3: Stretching Food Dollars
Lesson Plan 4: Food Safety
Lesson Plan 5: Fiber
Lesson Plan 6: Portion Sizes
Lesson Plan 7: Meal Planning
Lesson Plan 8: Beans
Lesson Plan 9: Nutrition Facts Label
Lesson Plan 10: Healthy Beverages
Lesson Plan 11: Physical Activity
Lesson Plan 12: Shop at a Farmers Market